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Hissab supports various date and time operations.

Valid date and time formats are:
In this format, if there is ambiguity between date and month, it will use mm.dd.yyyy format
dd mmm yyyy
yyyy mmm dd
{date} {timezone/city}
Use common timezone abbreviations to specify timezones. You can also use popular city names to specify its timezone (Preferred)
The hour is mandatory in time format. Minutes, seconds and milliseconds are optional.
hh:mm am/pm
If am or pm is not mentioned, it will use 24 hour format.
{date} {time}
Use any date format with time format
You can perform intuitive operations with dates and times.
Add days, months, years etc to dates
Subtract days, months, years etc from dates
Similar operations can be performed with times
Or with combination of dates and times
Get difference between two dates or times. Default answer in free version will be in millisecond
But, You can convert it into any unit like year, days, hours etc.
Hissab also supports these keywords to get current date or time
Get current date and time
Get today's date
Get tomorrow's date
Get yesterday's date

Note: Date formats such as mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy with a / or - as a separator are not supported because of its ambiguity with divide and subtract operations.

Unix epoch timestamp conversionPRO

You can convert a unix timestamp in millisecond or second to date or vice versa.