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Number Systems

Most calculations are done using decimal (base 10) number systems, but hissab also supports other number systems.

Number systemExamples
Base: 10. The default number system we all know and love
Base: 2. To input as a binary number use prefix 0b or 0B followed by the binary number
Base: 8. To input as a octal number use prefix 0o or 0O followed by the octal number
Base: 16. To input as a hexadecimal number use prefix 0x or 0X followed by the hexadecimal number

Numbers with any number system can be used same way as a decimal number.

You can also use different number systems in the same expression. In this case the result will be presented using the first number system used in the expression.

Number system conversionPRO

You can convert a number from one number system to another.