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What is Hissab?

Hissab is a calculator app where you can type your calculations and get results instantly. It uses an intuitive syntax and can perform wide range of calculations.

Who is Hissab for?

Hissab is designed to be a general purpose calculator app. Its capabilities range from simple calculations to advanced computations. Thus, Hissab is useful for everyone including students and professionals.

Does Hissab understand full natural language?

Short answer is No. Hissab understands specific grammar and syntax, which is defined in the Guide section of the docs. Having said that, the grammar is very intuitive and natural-language-like and we plan to improve it over time. There is little to no learning curve and anyone can start using Hissab immediately.

Does Hissab use Artificial Intelligence?

Hissab does not use AI. The core hissab engine parses the expressions, performs calculations and generates the result.

What platforms does Hissab run on?

Hissab can be installed on all major OSs like web, Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome & Edge browser extension.

Are my notes backed up in the cloud?

Not currently. The notes are only stored locally on device.

Is there any difference between using hissab on the web vs installing it as a pwa on device?

No. It is identical. However installing it can be convenient as it integrates the shortcut to open hissab based on the OS.

Does Hissab work offline?

Not currently. But soon, if you have installed hissab it will work offline except for some features that require internet connection.


Can I use Hissab for free?

Absolutely. Hissab supports a lot of useful calculations for free. No signup required. Checkout the pricing page for features in free vs pro.


Does Hissab collect my personal information or share it with any 3rd party vendors?

Hissab does not collect any personal information except email address which is only collected when you want to sign up for Hissab Pro. Hissab also does not use google analytics which is not privacy friendly, but uses a privacy friendly alternative called plausible.

Are the calculations performed locally on device, or on the cloud?

All calculations are performed locally on the device.


I purchased Hissab Pro, but it did not activate in the app.

This is quite unlikely, however simply logout and log back in to sync your pro purchase. If you still are unable to activate your pro account, contact us.