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Just Type & Calculate Anything, Instantly

Hissab is a text based calculator app that does way more than calculations.
Hissab is useful for performing quick calculations as well as complex workflows

Hissab - Just Type and Calculate Anything, Instantly | Product Hunt

Intuitive, Powerful & Versatile

  • Supports wide range of operations
  • Plan, Estimate & Compare numbers in a breeze
  • Available on the Web, mobile, desktop and browser platforms

Ultimate platform for all your calculations

Free, No Signups, No Ads, No BS

  • Basic Math and Percentage operations
  • Reference previous lines' results or Save results in a variable to use them later
  • Helpful date, time and timezone calculations
  • Unit Conversion and seamless operations with different units
  • Support for alternate number systems and binary operations

Seriously, The free version does so much!

Pro, Advanced features,
faster workflow, smarter results

  • Support for currency exchange rates
  • Autocomplete suggestions as you type
  • Organize calculations with books and pages
  • Breakdown large unit values into multiple units
  • Logarithms, Trigonometry, Statistics, LCM, GCD, Digital colors operations and several advanced Math and computer science calculations

Hissab Pro is now $24.99 usd / lifetime.

Hissab is constantly improving and aims to be more powerful by supporting lot more calculations and improving user experience.

Check out our roadmap to learn more about what exciting features are coming.